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Porky the record hoover is looking forward to Record Store Day on Saturday. Immensely. It’s an event that fills up independent stores around the world, and offers vinyl collectors the chance to snap up items specifically released/ reissued for the event. If only it could be held every weekend.

Last year I couldn’t move for people in Slow Boat and Rough Peel records in Wellington, normally fairly sedate places on a Saturday afternoon. Even the record store out in Lower Hutt, Mint Music, reported a roaring trade. This album by The Scavengers is one of the many special releases.

As well as the special records being released – about 700 I have read, only some of which I guess will be available in the stores I will frequent – numerous bands will squeeze their equipment into a corner where the bargain bins normally are and perform a brief set.

As you’re probably aware, and the landing page provides a clue, Porky is a big vinyl fan. He bought his first record on the recommendation of his mother, at any age when he wasn’t old enough to realise that mother’s recommendations on cooking and how to deal with difficult children are worth listening to, but not their choices of music. For the record it as the Everly Brothers. Likesay, a long time ago.

My regular readers may also recall a series of articles about record stores old and new that we hold dear.

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Porky’s record collection of possibly thousands of albums, 10″ EPs, singles and flexi disks, has stagnated due to the lack of new material being released in the format. Oh yeah, and he hasn’t had a record player for five years. I know, I can’t believe that either, but having moved around a bit it’s hard to haul it all around.

Since the turntable was installed in the lounge of the sty, all sorts of weird and wonderful shit have been spinning around and around and around. Cheap buys in charity shops, specially bought new singles from Real Groovy, new wave albums, and whatever else has built up in that time have finally been getting a good airing. At least they were ’till my young daughter tried to play the B-side of a record and scrunched the needle, requiring Porky to splash out on a new one.

All sorted and the thing is ready for more action after I spend money earmarked for food and the electricity bill on Saturday.

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