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IT PASSED ME by at the time, and it is only now, three months later, that the landmark has dawned on me: Porky Prime Cuts is five years old. Michty, as Our Wullie might say in the Sunday Post.
There have been more than 150 posts in that time, including interviews with artists and some great personal features such as the series on my life in record stores, from Aberdeen to Wellington.
Looking back at that first article, in March 2009, is like going back to another time in my life. It looks like how a first-post would look like, but the blog hasn’t changed radically since then. (Check it out here, https://craighaggis.wordpress.com/2009/03/).
In tricky times it has been a relief to be able to write something I want to write about, on an album, a band and even sport. The feedback is generally good, and artists have been in touch after an article I’ve written about their former band, such as 5:30 and the Blue Ox Babes. I took some flak when I exposed The National as the phoneys they are, and I fully expected that. (see review here, https://craighaggis.wordpress.com/?s=The+National).
It has been, at times, difficult to keep writing knowing that sometimes few people are reading. There are posts that cause a massive spike in the visits graph, and there are others that barely trouble it. That is part of the process, of course; swings and roundabouts.
There is plenty to come. Very soon Porky will post an excellent interview with Bomb Factory’s Ranting Jack, and a review of their new album. I have plenty of ideas and partly-written articles so keep an eye on this space. Feel free to post links to the site where you can, and everyone is welcome to make comments.


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A groovy year

2010 has brought many opportunities for Porky Prime Cuts, including interviews, reviews and features. Too much good stuff to pick out in particular but we’re pleased with the breadth and range of material the site has covered, some of it outwith music. We would like to thank everyone who has had even just a peek at the site and all the bands, record label people and everyone else who has helped us over the past 12 months. Next year will even better with some features already written or half-written including an interview with The Black Seeds. While the number of hits has been very encouraging, we will endeavour to reach thousands more people over the next 12 months which means over the next month or so there will be a bit of re-think on how to move forward with the site, in terms of layout, and content. Any suggestions very welcome indeed. We’re going to take a wee break just now though the albums of the year article will be posted over Christmas and New Year.

The Porky Prime Cuts FAQ

How do I get my album reviewed?

Send a bribe to the address on the site. The bigger the prize, the bigger the size.

Come on, you’re not a real pig:

Porky is 100 percent bacon. We gave him an ultimatum: write this damn thing or become a packet of smokey.

I keep getting emails from Porky telling me about the site. Can’t you just leave me alone?

Think of yourselves as privileged to be in the elite group who get access to these messages.

I am an entrepreneur based in Nigeria and I am delighted to inform you that you are set to inherit $12 million. Please provide bank details and deposit $5000 for administration costs.

Would be delighted to Mr Malemka, but first I need you to wear a girly dress, do the Birdy Song dance and post it on You Tube.

Can I can send a download for you to review, is this good?

Downloads are for the kind of people who think that tinned spaghetti is as good as fresh pasta.

How can Porky Prime Cuts save the world from the impending nuclear armageddon that will be started by the dispute in Moldova over chocolate biscuits?

Our crack team of Mutant Teenage Ninja Squirrels are in training this very minute ready to pounce into action for any eventuality.

We are a multi-national company looking for new advertising opportunities. We would like a large space on your home page and are willing to pay top rates.

Same criteria applies as question 4.

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Let’s roll

Porky Prime Cuts was established in March last year in a blaze of no publicity at all.  Since then Porky has posted numerous column reviews, interviews and features.

The interviews, with Uni and Her Ukelele and Bomb Factory, have given us the most pleasure. Here are people who aren’t fixated by the mainstream media and realise there is an ever-burgeoning online network of music fans that are crucial to their fanbase and image. They took time out to talk to Porky and they were both articulate and engaging.

This year, the blogsite will develop further and I am particularly excited by an interview conducted with English band Ten City Nation and very soon I will publish the top 100 albums of the past decade. I have just looked at the first column and it looks quite rough compared to more recent ones. The style, theme and purpose is much improved.

While the number of hits haven’t been in the tens of thousands, they have been postive and the feedback from loyal readers has given us encouragement to move onto the next level. Sorry if this sounds like I’m patting myself on the back, it’s not meant to be, rather just a gaze into the crystal ball but also I feel it important to look at where the site is at.

I would like to thank all the Record labels, bands and everyone else who has helped the site over the past ten months and I would welcome more help, in the shape of ideas for articles, albums to review, fanzines, sex toys etc etc.

The physical address is in About Me.

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About the site

Porky is a bona fide doctor of music, purveying his eyes and ears over the latest sounds whether they be from Invercargill or Inverurie; Kingston-upon-Hull or Kingston, Jamaica.

Porky Prime Cuts interviews artists, and has features on bands, musical trends, fanzines, football, tunnels …. hell he might even do a piece on your local men’s knitting club if he feels like it.

Above all, Porky is a musical hoover, consuming anything smelling of vinyl, CD or cassette then reviewing it. Porky Prime Cuts wants music and will tell the world if it’s worth listening to or not.

New Zealand and Australian artists get priority but the site covers all corners of the world.

To Porky, an album is not a product but a statement of intent.

The writing style is simple, a detour from the normal, 800-word, rabbit-on manner that most reviews take.

Foremost, for a review, Porky prefers an actual album, or EP. There’s nothing wrong with downloads – they’re brilliant for new acts with no budgets. But there’s also nothing quite like the real thing. Think of The Sex Pistols’ Nevermind the Bollocks or the Beatles’ Abbey Road – the artwork was an essential part of the album.  Inserts, lyrics, photographs, biographies, stories, etc etc have been an integral part of the album in musical history. Downloads can’t relate that.

Send material for review to Craig, PO Box 10904, The Terrace, Wellington 6143, New Zealand

or to the UK head office: 20 Nursery Rd, Montrose, Angus DD10 9AW.

email: craig.stephen@gmail.com

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