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There are gazillions of bands on Myspace, and I’ve had a tiny amount of fun finding those with the rudest names imaginable.
Here’s what beastly naming I’ve come across.
Fruit and a naughty action make up the moniker of crazy Canadians Rhubarb Cocofuck (below), who dress like Sigue Sigue Sputnik after a week wearing the same clothes, have one song and a solitary friend (Tom).
Slightly confused could describe Massachusetts’ Anal Cunt, who’s talents include the track, You’re A Rollerblading Faggot.
There’s two Hot Cunts, the Sydney disco house band using The to differentiate them from the US country bunch.
The Slut-Faced Whores suitably comprise two chicks, Electronic Pussy Sucker get a mention for the bizarreness of their name and anyone who knows what the act is will laugh like English schoolboy at Felching the Dead.
At which point I became bored but I did notice that typing in ‘The Fuckers’ brings up Nine Inch Nails.


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