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EDITH PIAF famously had none, and various other people over the years haven’t either. Those who claim they have no regrets tend to be celebrities who have had a successful career, and perhaps made some money along the way. A charmed life indeed.

Many of these irritating people will go a little further and state something along the lines of that if they could have their life again, they would change nothing. The sheer impossibility of such an event clearly washes over these people, but it is just a brazen statement to deflect attention from their mistakes and missed opportunities. It is, after all, human nature to reflect on what we did wrong, or didn’t do, whether a small or big matter. Porky still lashes himself for not buying that 5:30 single for the price of a pint of milk, or not picking up a free Plimptons cd in a Glasgow record store. It doesn’t matter that he had never heard of the band, they could have been as good as I, Ludicrous.

Regrets are only natural and we all pick up on things that we could have done or said, or not done or said. Did we need to shout so loudly about the photocopier not working, did I marry the right person, should I have taken that job in accounts, maybe I could have saved five bucks by going into the next store for those low alcohol beers??? Oh man, the questions our minds raise are endless. And irritating. So enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think.

Now let’s have an earful of that caterwauling Frenchwoman …








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