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About the site

Porky is a bona fide doctor of music, purveying his eyes and ears over the latest sounds whether they be from Invercargill or Inverurie; Kingston-upon-Hull or Kingston, Jamaica.

Porky Prime Cuts interviews artists, and has features on bands, musical trends, fanzines, football, tunnels …. hell he might even do a piece on your local men’s knitting club if he feels like it.

Above all, Porky is a musical hoover, consuming anything smelling of vinyl, CD or cassette then reviewing it. Porky Prime Cuts wants music and will tell the world if it’s worth listening to or not.

New Zealand and Australian artists get priority but the site covers all corners of the world.

To Porky, an album is not a product but a statement of intent.

The writing style is simple, a detour from the normal, 800-word, rabbit-on manner that most reviews take.

Foremost, for a review, Porky prefers an actual album, or EP. There’s nothing wrong with downloads – they’re brilliant for new acts with no budgets. But there’s also nothing quite like the real thing. Think of The Sex Pistols’ Nevermind the Bollocks or the Beatles’ Abbey Road – the artwork was an essential part of the album.  Inserts, lyrics, photographs, biographies, stories, etc etc have been an integral part of the album in musical history. Downloads can’t relate that.

Send material for review to Craig, PO Box 10904, The Terrace, Wellington 6143, New Zealand

or to the UK head office: 20 Nursery Rd, Montrose, Angus DD10 9AW.

email: craig.stephen@gmail.com

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